RasPi Check

Android app for checking your Raspberry Pi status.

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RasPi Check Build Status

Android app for checking your Raspberry Pi ® status.

The goal of this Android app is to show the user the current system status of a running Raspberry Pi ®.

RasPi Check uses a SSH connection (using SSHJ) to connect to your Raspberry Pi ® and queries the information using Linux utilities like ps, df or the /proc virtual filesystem. This app also works on other SBCs via fake_vcgencmd, e.g. when running Armbian.


RasPi Check is available for free at F-Droid and at Google Play.

Issue Tracker

If you find any bugs and glitches please open an issue here.

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Feel free to fork and open up pull requests!

Just fire up Android Studio and import this project via File -> Import Project. All dependencies will be integrated automatically by Gradle.

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The app logo is a derivative of “Raspberry.ico” by Martina Šmejkalová, used under CC BY. The app logo is licensed under CC BY by Michael Prankl.

‘RasPi’ is one of the Rasberry Pi ® abriviations. For more information visit http://www.raspberrypi.org. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.